Fresh (re)Start – Is Your Business Ready?

Instead of asking whether your employees are going to be ready to come back to work when the pandemic is over you might want to consider re-wording the question.

Will your employees want to come back after the pandemic?

The answer might shock you. Between 40 and 60% of workers were quitting or thinking about quitting their jobs back in 2018 (CNBC and Inc.). While the usual suspects of burnout and work/life balance were the typical (and correct) buzzwords there has always been something missing when considering those aspects of a job dissatisfaction – morale.

This is your chance to change the narrative if your business was experiencing high turnover (employee attrition). We have been afforded something that many people would love at one point or another – a fresh (re)start.

As you look back at employee performance, efficiency and morale prior to the economic shutdown you will undoubtedly see some parts of your business foundation that can use some repair. Now is the time to develop changes to your onboarding, training, morale and workplace culture.

Let’s get started now! Contact Mark at City Park Consulting.

Published by NoobTubeTV

I work with leadership to provide guidance, feedback and a plan of action in order to improve facilitation, learning, morale, efficiency and quality of production from their workforce.

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