Something is Rotten in the State of Assessment –

Part 1 – The Poison High stakes tests, surveys and assessments have been the standard tool of measuring the knowledge and aptitude of students, instructional effectiveness and ability of educators. Likewise, these tools are also used to measure business leadership and the morale of their workforce. They also happen to be some of the worstContinue reading “Something is Rotten in the State of Assessment –”

Covid-19: The Best Thing Businesses Never Asked For

With unemployment claims and the stress on supply chains jumping at astronomical rates over the last couple months it might appear that we are going through a doomsday scenario. In some ways we are undeniably going through an awful chapter – the growing number of sick and dying family, friends and colleagues is not somethingContinue reading “Covid-19: The Best Thing Businesses Never Asked For”

The Quitting Avalanche – Why It Happens and How To Prevent It

Turnover is natural. People move on to new jobs all the time. What happens when the turnover is not natural? Where does the blame go when 10% or more of your workforce quit en masse? Trick question – blame (or the mentality associated) is one of the reasons you’re seeing employees walk out the door.Continue reading “The Quitting Avalanche – Why It Happens and How To Prevent It”

Day Zero – Fixing Your Interview Process

It starts with redesigning your interview questions with the explicit goal of having measurable results and sticking with them. I would argue that the biggest loss of human capital for any business can largely be prevented by not just asking better questions during the recruiting and interview process, but by carefully measuring the answers asContinue reading “Day Zero – Fixing Your Interview Process”

Fresh (re)Start – Is Your Business Ready?

Instead of asking whether your employees are going to be ready to come back to work when the pandemic is over you might want to consider re-wording the question. Will your employees want to come back after the pandemic? The answer might shock you. Between 40 and 60% of workers were quitting or thinking aboutContinue reading “Fresh (re)Start – Is Your Business Ready?”